School Families

Thank you for your continued interest in St Michael Catholic School.  We look forward to another school year with your child, please
call our school office (317) 462-6380 between 8:00 am - 3:30 pm M-F or email if you need anything.  Thank you!


The school conducts registration in the early spring. School families are given the first opportunity to register for the next school year. Then the parish community is notified of open registration. Registration is completed by submitting a Registration/Information Form for each student along with the family registration fee.  This is a non-refundable fee. All other fees are due by May 31st. Your registration fee will be deducted from tuition. Registrations are dated when received. Classes are filled in this order (depending on date received):

  1.  Returning students
  2.  Current school families with new students
  3.  Parish families with new students
  4.  Non-parish families with new students


St. Michael Catholic School operates one bus which takes up to two routes. If necessary the “Greater Greenfield route covers areas in town. The “Country route” covers the area west of town and in the county. Bus routing is done by the Transportation Committee and is limited by time and distance. There are some areas, both in the county and in subdivisions, which are simply too far for the bus to travel. Our goal is to have the children on the school bus the least amount of time possible. Beginning in the 2017-2018 school year we are no longer able to transport students under 5 years of age. Parents who are interested in having bus service should call the school for more information. Parents who feel their child/children may occasionally utilize the bus service should fill out the Bus Contract so it may be kept on file for reference. Please note that with just one bus and afternoon service only it is important to give notice about your child/children riding. Space and routes are limited.

After Care/Before Care

St. Michael School offers the After School Care Program for students whose parents cannot pick them up at dismissal time. On a normal school day, this program is offered from dismissal (3:00 PM) until 5:30PM. The program will usually start in the Fr. Severin Life Center until 3:45 and then weather permitting may travel outside. At 5:00, students may transition to an available spaces to open the gym area up for practices and other activities. The program will consist of recreational activities, snack time, and study time. When the weather is agreeable, students will play outside.

Any student who is not picked up by 3:15 is automatically sent to After Care, and parents will be charged accordingly. The fees for After Care are $3.00/ hour for individual students or $6/per hour family for a daily rate. Families may choose to pay $30/week for individual students or $60/family. Payments will be made on a bi-weekly basis as agreed upon in the ASC Contract. The After Care Director takes attendance each day, and parents are to sign their children out when they pick them up. Billing is done through the school office. Prompt payment is expected. Outstanding fees may result in being denied from the program.

Any parent who has not picked up his/her student from After Care by 5:30 PM will be charged $1.00 for for every minute they are late. If a parent does not pick up their child until after 6:00PM on two separate occasions a meeting will take place with the Principal to determine continuance in the After Care Program.

St. Michael School offers supervision for students who must arrive at school between 7:00-7:30AM. Parents who wish to use this service should register with the school secretary, and may drop their children off at the Before Care location of the school between 7:00 and 7:30 AM. Parents who will not be using the Before Care program, but arrive before 7:30 AM, should wait in their cars at the drop off assigned drop off location until the signal bell rings. Fees for Before School Care are $1.00 a day. Billing is done through the school office. Prompt payment is appreciated. Failure to pay on time may result in not being able to use the program.

Any student arriving at school before the 7:30 bell will be escorted to the Before School Care Program and parents will be billed accordingly. Please do not drop students off in the parking lot and leave them unsupervised.

Books, Supplies and Fees

All textbooks used in St. Michael School are on the approved adoption list from the Office of Catholic Education and the State of Indiana. All textbooks used by students are rented for the school year. Supply fees include textbook rental and standardized testing.

It is the sole responsibility of each student to maintain all texts in an acceptable manner during the school year. All students must have a book bag of some kind to carry books to and from school. Parents will be responsible for replacing any text that has been damaged or unduly marked. The classroom teacher will notify the front office for billing.


All medication necessary to be administered at school must be brought to the office in original packaging, properly labeled with the name of the student, time to be given, and dosage. By State Law, we are not allowed to dispense non-aspirin pain reliever or other medication without specific directions from the parents on the “Permission to Administer Medication Form” located on the school website. Students should NOT keep medicine in a desk or lunch box. All medicines will be administered by the school secretary. *Exception* Inhalers may be kept in the classroom with the classroom teacher. 

Acceptable Use Policy

All electronic communications to, from, or within St. Michael Catholic School shall reflect the Christian principles upon which our school is founded, in support of its educational goals.

Internet access is now available to staff and students at St. Michael Catholic School.  We believe that the internet offers vast, diverse and unique educational resources to our school community.  Our goal, in providing this service to staff and students, is to promote educational excellence by facilitating communications, leading our community toward effective living in the global village.

Free & Reduced Lunch

Children need healthy meals to learn. St. Michael Catholic School offers healthy meals every school day. Your children may qualify for free meals or for reduced price meals. This packet includes an application for free or reduced price meal benefits, and a set of detailed instructions. Below are some common questions and answers to help you with the application process.  If you have any questions, please contact Jenny Thorpe, Cafeteria Manager at or (317) 462-6380 ext. 219.

Parent Letter and Instruction for Free or Reduce Lunch Program

Application for Free or Reduce Lunch Program