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PSO Purpose

The Parent School Organization (PSO ) is a group of volunteers consisting of all parents and family members whose main purpose is to help support our teachers, students, and school. We do this by hosting several fundraisers throughout the year.

A few of the PSO sponsored activities during the year are: Carnival (January,) Trash Bag Sale (September,)  Mozzi’s Pizza Benefit Days, the Spring Flower Sale (April,) Grandparent’s Day (November,) Fun Day (May,) teacher luncheons/dinners, and field trips (PSO pays for gas and bus driver fees for every field trip).  PSO is also responsible for organizing, printing, & distributing the School Directory each year.

The money we raise goes to help with books, technology, supplies, field trips, and many, many other great things!  We also assist the teachers with any needs/wants they may have for their classrooms throughout the year.  We have some opportunities that are during the day and others that can be in the evening or basically on your own time.

We are very thankful for the wonderful staff and students that we have at our school and all that they accomplish each year.  Come and join us in being a part of the St. Michael team!  Volunteer!  Show your child that you want to be involved in his/her education and want to help make this the best school ever!  Volunteering is a great way to meet and work together with other families and help our great school.