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SCRIP Program

Contact Person: Siobhan Schafer
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 317-462-1943

The SCRIP program is a year round fundraiser with proceeds supporting the School PSO, St. Michael Church and families with children in the school or Sunday Morning Religious Education (SMRE) program.

The Scrip gift card program allows the school to purchase gift cards from numerous national andlocal retailers at a discount. The cards are sold at full face value; the discount value is typically 3-10% and becomes revenue for the program. Each family chooses how that revenue should be used: donated to the School PSO, donated to the church or used as a credit towards the family tuition or SMRE fees.

Cards can be used for everyday expenses such as groceries, gas and clothing, or given as gifts.Cards are available for sale each weekend after mass and in the school office on school days.Cards may also be ordered online at www.shopwithscrip.com, school code: F7CC6C514197

Any cards we do not have on hand can be ordered Tuesday mornings by 9am, to be available Friday after 12 noon or after church that weekend. All sales and orders must be paid for by cash or check. Online orders may also be paid by direct debit through the site’s PrestoPay option.

SCRIP order form 

St. Michael’s - Greenfield School PSO - Scrip Program Agreement