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Student News

Student News

Computer Science Class

Posted by Emily Capen on 3/31/18

by Deegan Osmundson

Recently in Computer Science, we have been learning about how to code in HTML. We have made websites (most of them aren't complete) and have submitted them to our teacher. Most students will be adding more content to and formatting their websites. Soon, we will ... Read More »

Teacher vs. Student Volleyball Game

Posted by Emily Capen on 3/31/18

by Annan Tiede

On the 16th of March the eighth grade class will be taking on the teachers and staff in a volleyball game. This is an annual game that every eighth grade class partakes in. It is a fun way to end the 3rd quarter. This year ... Read More »

Ski Trip

Posted by Emily Capen on 3/31/18

by Jack Murphy

The eight graders this year went on a trip to Perfect North Slopes. They had the option to choose between skiing or snowboarding. You could also just go sledding the whole time. If you haven't gone skiing before, you could take lessons provided by Perfect North.


Posted by Emily Capen on 3/31/18

by Ethan Lovins

ISTEP will be starting up again this year soon. Grades 3-8 have to take it. 3rd grade has to also take IREAD. ISTEP often causes much stress for both students and teachers. The principal and teachers are trying to be very helpful in preparing us ... Read More »

8th Grade English Class

Posted by Emily Capen on 3/31/18

by Sophia Kemp

English in 8th grade can be both challenging and fun. The current teacher for the entire middle school for English class is Miss Murphy. During this class, we read intellectually challenging books with a very high standard of vocab. We also learn how to write ... Read More »


Posted by Emily Capen on 3/31/18

by Emma Rennier

Soccer starts up in the springtime at St. Michael Catholic School. Soccer is a fun sport. You don’t have to be good at soccer to participate. That’s why we practice so that we can improve our skills. Soccer is a great sport because it helps you ... Read More »

Fortnight Battle Royale

Posted by Emily Capen on 3/31/18

by Charles Schenck

Fortnite is an amazing and fun game. It is a game on PC, Console, and mobile! The point of this game is to win a game against 100 people. There are three game modes and one special event every other update. Right now there are three ... Read More »

8th Grade Social Studies Class

Posted by Emily Capen on 3/31/18

by Abigail Mulligan

Every year the 8th grade, after studying most of world history, studies American history. Mr. Duncan is the teacher of this class. We begin with how people first arrived in the Americas and end with current happenings in the U.S. Right now, we are studying ... Read More »

Food Pantry

Posted by Emily Capen on 3/31/18

by Reagan Hersberger

Two weeks ago, the CORE class went to the food pantry together to serve the poor for Lent. We helped push in carts, bagged people’s food, and conversed with the people there. Seeing struggling people helped me learn to be more grateful for the things I have. ... Read More »

My Experience at the Food Pantry

Posted by Emily Capen on 3/12/18

by Lucy Lyons

A couple of weeks ago my class and I had gone to the food pantry. We helped all the people there by doing a couple of things. We first helped bag the items that the people had received. Then my friend and I went outside ... Read More »


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