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2017 archive of Student News

2017 archive of Student News

St Meinrad

Posted by Emily Capen on 12/19/17

by Keaton McCarley

Recently the St.Michael's 8th graders went on a trip to Saint Meinrad. While they were at Saint Meinrad they learned a lot about what the monks at Saint Meinrad do and what people can do to become one. There was a long hallway where there ... Read More »


Posted by Emily Capen on 12/19/17

by Abigail Hurst

The middle school students are having a concert. Everyone is going to have a special part in this performance. Our sixth grade will be singing songs that Mrs. Ellenberger thought suited the class. The seventh grade band will be playing songs on their symphony instruments. ... Read More »

Christmas Play Tryouts

Posted by Emily Capen on 12/19/17

by Shane Libby and Jack Murphy

On November 15th and 16th, Mrs. Vehorn came to St. Michael to have the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders try out for the Christmas Play. She had us read from scripted lines from the play to see who will fit with what ... Read More »

Student Council

Posted by Emily Capen on 12/19/17

by Reagan Hersberger

Every year, we elect a student council to help manage our school activities. Grades three through eight elect officers and representatives for every class. Every other week, the council meets to discuss items like fundraisers, dances, and school improvements. It is important to have a ... Read More »

Computer Science Class

Posted by Emily Capen on 12/19/17

by Deegan Osmundson

Currently in Computer Science, our eighth grade class is working on Unit 3 in Star Typers. We are also learning more about computer processing. One thing we are going to learn is using Code.org activities, such as writing an algorithm to sort cards in specific ... Read More »


Posted by Emily Capen on 12/19/17

by Zoe Castle

What does Christmas mean to me? For my family, Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year. Everyone is filled with joy to be spending time with family and friends. When I think of Christmas, I think of hot chocolate, pretty lights, presents, ... Read More »

7th Grade Has Been Active!

Posted by Emily Capen on 11/12/17

by Taylor Shortridge

The seventh grade has already had such an action packed year! The most important trip taken was to CYO camp. Most recently, the seventh grade went to Scecina High School. They toured the school, and went to the mass. During the mass, Veterans were honored, ... Read More »

Girls' Basketball

Posted by Emily Capen on 11/12/17

by Sarah Shininger

Our girls' basketball team practices at least twice a week. They have great work ethic, and intend to keep getting better and better. The girls on this team are the age group from 7th to 8th grade. The girls playing basketball in the year of ... Read More »


Posted by Emily Capen on 11/12/17

by Charlie Schenck

Confirmation is a beautiful sacrament in which a person promises to become a Christian/Catholic for their entire life. When a person is Confirmed, they are blessed by a priest with oil; it takes around two hours. After this sacrament, there is a ceremony which will ... Read More »

Ladies Club

Posted by Emily Capen on 11/12/17

by Emma Rennier

Ladies Club is when a group of girls get together and learn how to be a proper lady.  We go out to eat once a quarter.  Our last meeting was on October 5, 2017.    At our meeting we went out to eat at a ... Read More »


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