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Ladies Club

Nov 12, 2017

by Emma Rennier

Ladies Club is when a group of girls get together and learn how to be a proper lady.  We go out to eat once a quarter.  Our last meeting was on October 5, 2017.    At our meeting we went out to eat at a place called Bamboo Garden. At each meeting we have a guest speaker.  We had a guest speaker named Klaryssa Perry.  Our speaker talked about how to treat your hair in a proper way to keep it healthy. She told us what to use and what not to use for our hair. She also told us what type of hair dye you should use because some hair dye can ruin your hair. Klaryssa Perry braided Lauren Silcox and Mary Ellen Stratman’s hair. She showed us braids that are easy to do if you are in a hurry. I thought our guest speaker did amazing explaining what we should use to keep are hair healthy.


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