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Student News


Posted by Emily Capen on 11/12/17

by Charlie Schenck

Confirmation is a beautiful sacrament in which a person promises to become a Christian/Catholic for their entire life. When a person is Confirmed, they are blessed by a priest with oil; it takes around two hours. After this sacrament, there is a ceremony which will ... Read More »

Ladies Club

Posted by Emily Capen on 11/12/17

by Emma Rennier

Ladies Club is when a group of girls get together and learn how to be a proper lady.  We go out to eat once a quarter.  Our last meeting was on October 5, 2017.    At our meeting we went out to eat at a ... Read More »

We Welcome Our New Principal!

Posted by Emily Capen on 11/12/17

by Lucy Lyons

This year, we have a new principal named Mrs. Hittel! She has made several great changes to our school, such as letting us wear shorts year round and having students each month get recognized for their God-like spirit. All of our students like and admire ... Read More »

Red Ribbon Week

Posted by Emily Capen on 11/12/17

by Ethan Lovins

The first week back to school after fall break has gone smoothly. We have been celebrating Red Ribbon Week. “Your Future is Key so Stay Drug Free” is the theme. The students signed a pledge promising to stay drug free. We learned about St. Maximilian ... Read More »

Boys Basketball

Posted by Emily Capen on 11/12/17

by Shane Libby and Jack Murphy

This season of boys basketball is approaching. Tryouts were held on Thursday October 26th. The athletic director held their tryouts in the St Michael gym. The basketball team consists of 7th and 8th graders from Saint Michael. The coach and athletic director for ... Read More »

Grandparents' Day

Posted by Emily Capen on 10/29/17

by McKenzie Trattner

On Grandparents' Day, the students of St. Michael’s Catholic School went to sit with their grandparents in church. After church, the principal announced that the students with the last names that start with the letters A-K could go to lunch with their grandparents. While L-Z was waiting ... Read More »


Posted by Emily Capen on 10/28/17

by MacKenzie Willett

This year’s Cadet A kickball team was coached by Karen Lyons and Stephanie Berty. The coach of the 56 team was Kelli Silcox. The Cadet team was in Division 2 and the 56 team was in Division 3. Both teams practiced to their best ability ... Read More »

A Day in the Life of an Eighth Grader

Posted by Emily Capen on 10/28/17

by Michael Sitzman

Today I woke up at 7 o’clock in the morning to start a great Tuesday.  At morning announcements, the whole school prayed the rosary.  I love praying the rosary in the morning because it makes me feel relaxed and ready for the day.  After we ... Read More »

See You at the Pole

Posted by Emily Capen on 10/28/17

by Sophia Kemp

See you at the pole began in 1990, with just a few kids. On September 27, 2017, 20,000 kids around the nation participated in the annual See You at the Pole. St. Michael’s Catholic School participated in this event. We started off the event with the ... Read More »

See You at the Pole

Posted by Emily Capen on 10/26/17

by Tricia Schneider

See You at the Pole is an annual event using a flagpole to lift up our prayers. This event is filled with songs and praises to God. Our eighth graders led us in prayers, the Pledge of Allegiance, and songs accompanied by guitars. Thank you ... Read More »


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